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A Little About Myself

I'm a working dog!

Therapy Dog

We always stand behind our work, with human happiness being our #1 priority. Lila is a working dog who spends every day at the support office.  After a tough call there is nothing like some puppy petting or playing puppy soccer to put a smile back on your face. :) Contact us to learn more about our incredible pup and how she can help you!


Promotional Model

Lila has been featured in several promotions for companies such as Hershel, Insta360, Dog Time and a few others.  We can put together custom videos or images for use in marketing campaigns and due to the high trainability of Lila, can put together interesting custom content to delight your users.


One of my favorite toys to play with is the skateboard and I love to show off my skills.  I have been featured on Reddit, Good Morning America, and many other websites all over the world. Yes, there are other skateboarding dogs out there, but there is only one skateboardercollie.  It makes me happy to brighten people's day with an unexpected skateboarding dog.

iphonesf 112.JPG

My Background

SkateBoarderCollie was born out of a very simple idea - provide the people we pass during our daily commute with a little pick-me-up. Since 2013, we’ve been proudly skating throughout the San Francisco area.

Have a problem dog you can't trust off leash?  We can help with that.  Dog barking at people or at random?  I can work together with my human to help dogs understand what their owners want.  Maybe your dog just wants to learn a few new tricks. Some training can be done with the dog only, but often the most impactful way to help train a dog is to train the owner so they can reinforce good behavior.  

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