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Lila the Blog

Hi, I am Lila and I wasn't always a city dog.

Lila the puppy

I came up on the hard streets of Tucson, Arizona. My early days are shrouded in a hazy fog and it's hard to remember my time out there by myself.. or maybe I just block it out... I don't even know anymore.

Sure I would have been good on my own, I could own those streets. But one day, out of nowhere, a man in a big square monster blocked me into an alley. A funny little man came out of it while gesturing toward me and saying "it's okay lil guy". He had a kind face and smelled of pepperoni. "Someone must be looking for you!" he said, and scooped me into his arms. I knew he would protect me from the monster and he placed me inside a strange contraption with lackluster shine. Little did I know, but my life on the streets was over and a new chapter was just beginning.

The monster roared and started to move with us inside of it.. The strange man seemed oblivious to the risk of trusting a monster enough to get inside it, but luckily I was there to protect him. What must have been forever later I was thrust into the metal bars of the strange prison I found myself enclosed in as the monster came to an abrupt halt. The man had not even broken a sweat in his slaughter of the now silent and defeated beast.

He freed me from the monster's corpse and walked me into a posh shopping mall in the Oro Valley Hills. There we entered a small shop with toys and treats abound. Plus I could smell that there were other dogs there! Usually I don't care much for other dogs, but it had been so long I had so much to share. He gently placed me among the other dogs so that we could exchange pleasantries with the other dogs, but by the time I turned around he was gone. A few new people walked around nearby and made occasional cooing sounds as they walked by.

Hey look a bug! Guys a bug did you see it? Where was I? Yeah, so I was there playing with my new friends when I saw him. He had a giant smile and a look in his eyes I could not place. He walked right up to the strange contraption my new friends and I were trapped in. Our eyes locked and I couldn't help but tilt my head a bit. He picked me up and held me close while barking back and fourth with a long-haired bitch. I won't pretend to know what was transpiring, but soon I was being carried out of the store and I was okay with that.

We lived there in Tucson for a year and a half, but both decided it was a time to escape the heat. We headed out West to San Francisco after just a two suns and a moon we were in a verdant green landscape unlike any I had ever seen.

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